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It is your responsibility to know and respect the relevant laws as well as government policies subjected to the research conduct. Ensure continuous education and learning to update yourself on current issues as well to maintain your own competency as a researcher. Respect others participating in the research especially in the basis of their knowledge and yours. Do not discriminate for whatever reason but cultivate an environment of respect as you all will need each other at one time or another. Ensure that is respect of others works as in acknowledge there works and other sensitivities like military secrets.

Honesty in reporting is a vital component; ensure that all data, procedures and methods used are true as required and claimed by you as the researcher. The objective of research should always be maintained in order to attain the targeted goals. It’s normally maintained and issues of biasness and self deceptions to be reduced. When a research is being carried out keenness is of high priority as negligence and errors are avoided. Maintenance of well organised information and data collection is of great importance.

When a research is being conducted openness is mostly considered, as new ideas and positive criticism bring about better and quality result .when citing other persons work to honour their work and effort is required to avoid plagiarism and protection of individual work to maintain confidentiality.

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