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One of the conspicuous responses taken by the United Kingdom was the idea of capitalism against capitalism where they employed the Neo-American Model to help in dealing with the financial crisis (Bianchi et al. 1995). The Neo-American Model response employed by the United Kingdom advocated for the individual achievement and short term profits. This was meant to improve the way in which various people within the community focused on productivity and the economic development in the economy.

Short term profits are particularly useful in ensuring that the various business organizations are not declared insolvent (Fox, 1998). Most part of the financial crisis was characterized by the various collapsing of the organizations within the economy. These organizations collapsed due to over-borrowing in order to ensure that it meets the daily operations of the business (Atkinson & Brunetta, 1991). This was one of the responses that the United Kingdom took in order to mitigate the risks of financial crisis.

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