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The research undertaken in this study and the analysis of the literature review has provides that multiple factors can influence success for marketing, branding and the positioning strategies. These factors include the diligence of the company itself, the funds that are available to the company for investment in the strategies, the target market selection, the orientation of the management and the marketing staff, selection of the image the company seeks to portray for itself through its products and services.

Amongst these the elements of the advertising strategies employed, the direct marketing strategies and the store image and atmosphere are the most influential in the success of the departmental and retail store. UTC Plc Nigeria has a confused brand image that it is portraying to the target market. This has the double effect of increasing the inefficiencies of the operations while decreasing the sales revenues as well as creating a positioning dilemma for the company. The research undertaken has provided that if the UTC Plc seeks to establish itself in the Nigerian retail industry as a front runner, then it will need to enhance its product lines, improve its service standards and offerings and also create a unique image for its brand that would be reflected in its store as well as in its marketing campaigns.

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