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From this the future reporting requirements and relevant information needs and fields can be determined. It is also recommended to arrange a meeting with the relevant people and personnel at the client’s business and company who are currently dealing with the management and the reporting of the data. These people would be more aware of the information being managed, and how it is being routed to and from reports and data repositories. It would be prudent to ask these people to recommend and put forward their specific requirements for data management system, specifically highlighting the features they would like form querying, searching and managing the data as well as the different formats which would be required in the system for data reporting as per the queries being made.

In order to access as much information from the client and his company, it is also recommended that the consultant should visit the business and see how the business operates in terms of its functions as well as how the system currently in use is being utilized by the different functions. The requirements of the different functions can be taken into account and the recommended solution for the problems can be added to the Request for Proposal.

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