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Research involves reporting and publishing of results which might be either favourable or otherwise.  Reporting information whose data will affect the outcome, explicit mentioning of all the characteristics and status of the data known to the investigator must be reported. This will include its interpretation.

Any information that may not be favourable to any institution or service has to be reported as a professional courtesy. The identity of the topic being written is also very vital, depending on the authority given, it will be crucial not to withhold such data.

Publishers have to respect the wishes of the submitters, they may request that some information be availed and others not. So it will be professional for the publisher to publish only what he or she has authority.

People should never be coerced to give information, they should consent for any information requested to give. Conditions are important before involving anyone in research. They should be informed of all the potential risks that they may subjected to so that it will be there consent as mentioned earlier to participate or not. No one who is involved in the study should be given any information regarding this research. For that confidentiality is guaranteed and harm whether physical or psychological will be visited upon the research participant.

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