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Moreover the freedom of women in this society was more than that of European women. The traces are not visibly evident about the relationship of the men and the women of this Montagnais society.  The records state that the women were not invited to participate in major feasts and they were not given the meat that was considered to be good meat. Only men were invited in the feasts; however, men had to bring food on the way back for the women and if they didn’t, they were criticized for that.

Another important aspect of the married life and relationship was the freedom that women had with regard to divorce on account of not being satisfied of her relationship with her husband. More than one marriage was legal in the society. This aspect of the Montagnais society was an alarming issue to Europeans. The problem that came as more alarming to the Europeans was that of child rearing but surprisingly the native children easily adapted to the cultural norms of the society.

The traditions of the society wert not the same for outsiders as they were for the members of the group. The people which were not the part of the Montagnais society did not enjoy the benefits of the Montagnais society. The process of influence of European culture on the Montagnais society can be speculated to have started in the 1520s.

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