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Theatre critic Kenneth Tynan once said, “No theater could sanely flourish until there was an umbilical connection between what was happening on the stage and what was happening in the world.” Theatre is a form of art that plays a significant role in our society. For a story to be loved and appreciated it must be relatable to its audience, in the same manner, for theatre to be relevant, it must have a symbiotic relationship with society.

“Even though we are all individual and unique in our own way, we are also they products and the producers of our society and our culture. The society and culture we grow up in is a part of us: what we do and the attitudes we take will either confirm the way society is or make changes in it. The arts are a visible demonstration and outward realization of our culture. The arts interpret cultural beliefs; often the words are used synonymously.” (Mackey 208) Society and art is intertwined. Throughout history, each era has been a representation of the people’s thoughts in that time. The Renaissance, the Enlightenment and etc are reflections of the thought incumbent in the minds of the people at the time. The works of art produced in those time periods reflect the culture and societal implications. Out of all the forms of art, theatre is the closest to society. “Theatre is the most social of the arts. For example, social relationships are in action not only on stage and in the audience, but also in the relationship between what’s happening on the stage and the audience.” (Mackey 208) When a person is viewing theatre they watch all the relationships that exist in society played out in front of them. Romeo and Juliet show the relationship between two lovers and the person watching forms a relationship with what is being portrayed. The person either relates to it because that’s something he is familiar with or hopes to become familiar with. Theatre is surrounded by human relationships. It is set in an environment that is social and it is presented in a social manner. (Mackey 208) Theatre is theatre because it so relevant to society.

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