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Since recruitment and selection of an employee is an important factor and that is why appraisal data can be treated as an essential factor is monitoring the success of an organizations recruitment and induction strategy. Employees can easily b evaluated through performance appraisals and an organization can easily evaluate how well the hired employees are performing in the last three years (Calhoon 1967). The changes in the recruitment strategies can also be monitored through the appraisal data. The entire organization can easily evaluate that whether the performance of workforce is improving. Declining or staying steady.

3.4       Employee Evaluation

The evaluation of employees is considered to be the major objective of performance appraisal. Although, evaluation and development priorities in certain organizations appear to clash that is why performance appraisal is considered as the process of examining and evaluating the performance of individuals in the organization (Swan 1991) (Morrow, Jackson, Disch, & Mood 2006). Many organization of today’s world still retreat from the very idea of performance appraisal however many organizations consider their duty to conduct such evaluations.

The need of evaluation must be balanced and organizations must develop an unbiased approach in evaluating the employees.

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