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In this scenario different strategies should be applied by the managers of JetBlue to ensure success in both the short and the long run. These strategies are discussed below:

  • The organization should stress a lot on training of the employees and management principles and philosophies must not be treated as a fad statement and they must be properly implemented in the organization.
  • In order to avoid such scenarios they should develop a proper disaster recovery plan that would enable the employees to act properly in these situations. Furthermore, all the instructions and policies of a disaster recovery plan must be conveyed to all the employees of the company. The operational managers and especially the crew of the flights should effectively coordinate among each other and with the managerial staff of the organization in order to devise a proper strategy in difficult situation.
  • Because of operational ineffectiveness the brand is suffering a lot and people are reluctant to travel with JetBlue therefore a proper repositioning of the brand should be done and this repositioning might also include changing the managerial approach of the company.
  • The mission and vision of the company must be conveyed to all the employees and all the employees should be given short term tasks so that the company can improve its performance when these tasks are fulfilled.
  • Change management should be implemented in the organization because besides customers the employees of the organization would be badly affected by this disaster that is the reason why a change agent should change the mindsets of the employees and he/she should guide them how they can approach the customers and turn a new a leaf for the organization. 

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