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Boyz ‘n’ the Hood and Rebel Without a Cause are movies that shed light on different problems present in different eras and different neighborhoods. The first movie represents the hood life around the ‘80s and ‘90s and the second movie highlights the problems of middle-America youth in the post-war era. Both movies explore underlying themes of social deviation and why it happens. The diagnosis of all the characters is a form of deviation and the prognosis is building strong relationships and family ties and labeling the people around us positively. Each movie uses different tools and characters into providing insight about a certain way of live among certain people.

Boyz N the Hood and Rebel Without a Cause provide many examples of the deviance and control theories. Deviance in statistics is the variations in what the outcomes are supposed to be. In sociology a deviant is a person who isn’t what he should normally be. Any variation from social, cultural or religious norms can be deviation.

“In a recent book about deviance, Douglas (1984) has identified rape, homosexuality and terrorism as major categories of deviance today, and his   choice of these highlights a recurrent concern among sociologists to link an                    analysis of deviance with that of particular forms of sexual and violent behavior.   Indeed, a quick glance through the contents of any book dealing with deviance is    likely to reveal an interest in making sense of forms of sexual behavior as diverse    as prostitution, child abuse, homosexuality, transexualism and extra-marital sexual activity. Similarly with respect to violence, interest has been shown in gang violence, rape, juvenile delinquency, football hooliganism and acts of terrorism. To this list of concerns, however, should be added studies looking at less spectacular forms of deviances such as alcohol dependence, childlessness, stuttering, and solvent use” (Aggleton 1-2)

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