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Privilege has actually been bestowed on the whites due to the history they have in the European and the American region. Moreover the white communities are not aware of the privilege they have, as a result taking it in for granted. The white community benefits from prime position in the corporate sector, vacancies for jobs as well as having more opportunities. They even have a better access to the education facilities being provided in the country.

The white communities have the privilege of going about their lives as they please without arousing suspicion in the authorities of the law enforcement figures while the blacks have to consort to protection based mechanism in order to protect their families from suspicion even when they are leading lives as honest and law abiding citizens. Tim Wise uses his own life experiences to illustrate such cases. He even mentioned in his book titled ‘White Like Me’ that the law enforcement authorities were more suspicious of the blacks and Latin Americans than the whites and as a result tends to harass the non whites under the name of official interrogation for criminal cases.

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