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Esterby-Smith et al (1999) stated that a questionnaire is the most appropriate for research when time and other resources such as funds are limited. However, there are several disadvantages associated with the questionnaires. The main weakness is people may not answer truthfully, either they are unsure of the answer, or they wish to present themselves in a socially acceptable manner.

In this research will use open and close questions. Open question will use for in-depth and unstructured questions interviews. The questions will examine customers’ opinion for the coffee shop brands and loyalty such as what is the first brand of coffee shop that come up in your mind and where is the favorite coffee shop where you usually go. Another questionnaire type is structured questions. According to the research question, multiple-choice, dichotomous and scales will be required. The questionnaire will be separated in 3 main parts of questions. The first part, data concerned the personal information which are gender, age, occupation and personal income. The second part relate to consumer behavior to visit the coffee shops. This question performs the frequency of customers’ purchasing. The final part will examine the factors that affect purchasing decision. The questions performed at the satisfaction level of factors that influenced on customers choose purchase coffee in the coffee shops which include service quality, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.

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