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It is very important that the current course prepares students for a successful professional life. Every student must be encountered as an equal individual despite sex, race, intelligence, economic status, special need, or anything else so that they can learn to survive in any sort of professional setting. Student must be assured to get a safe learning environment in which they can work and learn to grow professionally. (Abbeduto, 2006) It is highly expected to gain knowledge of individuality, creativity, and diversity through this particular course that can benefit every student professionally after completion of course.

Effectiveness in Personal growth

The course will make students grow and prosper as individuals in this ever changing society. Educators must ensure that they influence on weaknesses and strengths of a student and are they trying enough to make them excel in their areas of weakness as a person? Entering this challenging field of education, an ideal student should be ready to grow as a useful individual of the society and should learn lessons from everyday life.

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