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One can never measure the depth of his knowledge until he practices whatever he learns. The right way of achieving a successful grade in education is to impart knowledge or practicing alumni. I have received my undergraduate degree in engineering and I am further enthusiastic to pursue an MBA degree. To me achieving degree is not the only goal in life but also to practice and impart knowledge that I have received. It is important to note here that education teaches us how to function in a society. By gaining knowledge we come to know what social responsibilities we must perform.

Through my MBA I seek to gain a learning experience which not only concentrates on the advances in topics necessary to equip ourselves as good managers but also to integrate essence of social responsibility which would surely make us a responsible leaders in the organizations that we work for and also the society that we live in. Over the years there has been increasing concentration by universities on making students aware of their social responsibilities and ensuring that they understand their position in the society in general and organizations in particular which they plan to work for.

Social responsibility should be an integral part of an MBA program. By social responsibility it is meant that student should be allowed to communicate with the external elements of the society and relate to the problems which exist in the society. This would definitely make social responsibility a major part in our lives that should be played with dignity. If one would deny or ignore the fact of performing social responsibility than there would be no difference between an illiterate and literate person. I consider social responsibility as a way to practice and develop sheer understanding of the concepts that we have studied in our classrooms.

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