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Architecture is not an easy field because it requires a lot of concentration and hard work. I am completely aware of the fact that architects cannot afford to make even a single mistake in whatever work they do. One needs to be efficient in terms of designs and all measures that it takes to design and construct a mega structure. For the purpose of personality development and gaining strong footings in this area of study I have attended several courses at my school and also have participated in different competition achieving great laurels. Also, I have an experience in landscaping as I have replanted the plantation at the Magnuson Park. I have been studying very hard from the time I was at school because of my passion and desire to become an architect.  Concentrating in whatever I do, confidence to work in the challenging atmosphere and working hard to prove my decisions correct is in my nature and that is why I am sure that I can achieve a excellence in the field of architecture.

Developing team skills and working in groups is also crucially important to become highly proficient in managing architectural tasks. Being a member of the committee of IPEKA at the high school I was taught by IPEKA about the significance of synergy which stresses on teamwork and communication which has allowed me to develop communication skills and ability to listen to others for grasping ideas and coming up with solutions that often surprised my team mates.

By being an architect, I can put my creativity for the best possible use in adapting friendly designing and architecture in my home country Indonesia. I believe culture difference between countries is a significant contributor to my view of architecture and designs which reflect a particular set of thinking and values held by developers at the time. Having an observant and active nature I have been able to draw upon fine lines which distinguish different cultures, religions and values. This has a great inspirational impact on my way of looking at architectural designs and constructions that speak out these social attachments. Not only Indonesia but my learning is diversified as I have extensively studied the Chinese culture to explore ways of attaining a high spirit of learning and grasping the societal attributes and working as a team. The society where I used to live is very hectic and I have learnt a lot from individuals who rely on themselves for work which makes me ready me ready for any situation that I may confront in my professional life making me suitable and reliable for tougher environment and conditions.

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