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Thus we can say that performance appraisals are developed by organizations to identify the performance gap. This gap is basically the shortfall in the expected performance and the actual results. Performance appraisals are beneficial both for the organizations and for the employees. It can enhance the working of employees and performance appraisal can motivate the employees to work for the betterment of their organization.

The findings of this research suggests that employees must be motivated to build their own performance appraisal programs and since these programs would be developed by the employees themselves then the effect of performance appraisals on employees would be positive. If it’s not designed in a proper manner than elements like biasness and prejudicial behaviour might develop in an organization. Performance appraisals are very important in organizational terms and that is the reason why performance appraisal forms and interviews must be carefully designed. Different appraising techniques might be used by organizations to judge their employees. Employees on other hand might consider this activity as a time consuming activity and it is possible that they might not involve in such appraisals and they would get de-motivated. All these aspects demands upon how performance appraisals programs are designed and how employees benefit from them. The applications of this research are wide and varied and other organizations and researchers can benefit from the findings of this research. However, the shortcomings of this project are the time constraint present in this research. Similarly, the viability of secondary sources cannot be guaranteed and it is possible that employees of both the companies didn’t give appropriate answers to the questions. Further research can be conducted on the ethical attributes of performance appraisals and what quantitative changes do performance appraisals bring in an organization.

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