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Thus, in a nutshell we can say that media is promoting ethnic problems in the world and radio, televisions, internet, newspapers and other mediums of media some way or another are actually involved in unequal behavior as far as minorities is considered. The minorities of all the countries are considering media as a menace as it hurts their self belief and they are psychologically disturbed by its attitude. A person who is in power controls the media and displays unequal behavior.

In films and television few actors and actress are from minority groups the rest of them are from the majority. Similarly, major roles are offered to people who are in majority. Afro Americans, Latinos and Asian Americans are the major minorities in American and they are treated as a minority especially in media. They are often offered less wage rates and lesser promotions in media. The staggering elements is that this issue is in full swing in our society and people are least concerned about it we as individuals must curtail this element on individual basis and we must raise our voices to overcome this menace.

In today’s world minorities are not treated fairly by most of the nations and media speaks loud about voices that are not in supreme power. Media thus plays a major role in the dissemination of information as well as portraying diversity in society. Media displays people with disabilities as helpless individuals and it also discriminates between sexual orientation that’s why women receive lesser jobs as compared to men.

However, the actual purpose of media is to integrate individuals in order to attain betterment in the society but media on the other hand is propagating things and this attitude of media is giving birth to an unequal society. Therefore, media should work hard for the betterment of the society and should implement programs related to it. Social service programs and media awareness must be given to individuals that are related to this field and they must be trained to minimize discrimination. Diversification in negative terms can be less effective and in the longer run it would hurt the society.

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