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While a positive environment, strong bonds with teachers, family and the community along with high standards can act as protective factors. Alcohol has also been shown to have a strong link to sex with 40% of 13 and 14 year olds saying they were drunk or stoned during their first sexual intercourse. While 14-20 year olds cited alcohol as the main reasons for their first sexual experience at 20% for men and 13% for women (Alcohol Concern, 2004).

Recent studies have shown that the overall assessment of teens regarding the positivity of alcohol mainly comes from televised media (Russell, Russell, & Grube, 2009). Information from a study conducted by the Center on Alcohol and Youth, in collaboration with UCLA found a link between teenage television viewership and the rate of alcohol advertising. The study found that advertisements for alcoholic based beverages such as beer or spirits were far more common when programs geared towards teens were on. Other studies have shown that they are exposed to over 200 alcohol commercials every year. These commercials are marketed towards teens with specially developed designer drinks and alcopops being heavily marketed (Science Daily, 2009).

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