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Growth in the economy, increasing per capita income, chaging economic conditions are some of the factors that can easily depict that the prospects of the production systems in the automotive industry are vivid. Newer technologies and strategies are implemented in this automotive industry and it can be easily said that in the next few years the technological boom will affect this industry and organization that are present in this industry must comply with the changes in order to grow in both the short and the long run. JIT, Kaizen, Kanban techniques must be adopted by all the manufactures in order to prosper in this industry. Similarly, strategists suggest that a novel technique like TPS must be adopted by the manufactures because it can solve their wide and varied problems.

In the changing environment a proactive organization must devise policies to reduce production oriented errors. Similarly, organizations of this sector must stress on the point that practical training must be inculcated in the environment and the prospects of TPS are quite high because it brings cost reductions to an organization and the basic principles of TPS will not change (Toyota).

In order to meet the objectives and to face the challenges newer techniques and great ideas must be initiated by the employees. A process must be developed in such a way that employees should initiate novel ideas and they can solve the problems of the production processes. In the next few years strategists suggests that Robotics will replace human beings in the production process and the manufactures are focusing on error free production process which can enhance their customer base and would save the actual production time. Similarly, an out of the box approach is essential for achieving more than what is predicted and organizations must strive hard to think out of the box and attain maximum results from their production processes. Therefore, it is quite crystal clear that in the next few years’ organizations would devise newer and modernized strategies and they would focus more on implementation rather than conducting brainstorming sessions.

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