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IBM kept the Logo of Lotus for some time and also displayed its own brand name along with it but in a small size on one corner of the main advertisement page. It kept on selling the products under the Lotus in software market and kept on monitoring the market. Then, in the next phase it displayed both the names side by side of equal size like Sony-Ericson did. After some time, IBM showed its brand in a larger size and displayed the other in small size which later on omitted completely and there left only the IBM logo. So this process flowed very smoothly and steadily and customers were slowly shifted from Lotus to IBM (Hogan & Bell, 2008).

Thus it is suggested to the higher management of Manchester Home that they should make three years plan such that they should use the name of PLFD, displayed in a large size and the name of Manchester appeared in the small size in one corner for the first year. In the second year, company should display both the names in equal sizes and in the next year, the Manchester brand should appear in large size and PLFD in small size. In the subsequent year, it should completely omit that brand and there left only the brand of Manchester Products. However, one thing should be kept in mind that the quality and style of products and particularly the promotional strategies should not be changed significantly. The sales force and designers should not be fired and keep them satisfied and motivated by giving competitive salaries and incentives because they are also the competitive edge of the PLFD.

It is considered the best approach by the writer because this will not only enable the Manchester Products to raise the market value and awareness of its brand, but also helps to retain the customer base of the PLFD. This will also help it to keep satisfy the distributors and sales force which has a good relationship in the market. The designers should be encouraged to come up with more competitive designs and kept the products alive.

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