For proper effecting of the HR plan, the task force must employ an evidence based HR strategy. This plan aims at showing HR practices will have a good influence on the bottom line of FedEx. Programs like people service profit, corporate communication plan, Guaranteed Fair treatment program, job change tracking system, leadership evaluation awareness programs, internal employee training sessions, and succession planning program are chosen to improve the HR plan.

These programs must be financed to have them functional ad productive in the meeting of organizational goals. For there to be evidence based HR, there must be continuous assessment of programs, plans used in HR strategy. This assessment will make use of data collected from surveys and company records. Data must show the turnover, accident records, productivity, medical costs and attitudes of employees and their relation with practices. The purpose of this review is to offer a report on the productivity and value of HR to the company’s turnover, business strategy and marketing strategy. HR reviews and changes must therefore be based on the results of data analysis.

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