This is from the premise that God required this cultural distinction to occur in the society as an extension of family order and the promotion of male authority. This general ideal was promoted by the larger southern region and the few republican north where individual liberty and political equality for the slaveholders and more so the white man was strictly a social being[1].

Traditional American thought prior to the Jacksonian reform age was stemmed in the household as the fundamental embodiment for God. This principle was followed closely by the southerners who extended social and national politics to the domestic scene. In their view, the family was the basic embodiment of God’s property, with this definition covering property of human beings. Therefore, property did not only cover the household items but also all persons within the compound and the farm. Hence, this put the slaves and any labourer in the class of property for the white bourgeois[2]. It is not difficult to understand the broader picture the southerners had of this traditional gender and family role. Since, many households made up a society, hence christian family ideals could easily be extended to the larger society.

[1] Genovese, E. and Genovese, D., The Devine Sanction, 221.

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