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The staff of the organization also contributes in the well being of an organization and in many instances they recruit and maintain a high quality of employees in their organization. That is the reason why Starbucks is well known for its progressive policies and there generous compensation packages are quite attractive for the employees of this organization (Copan 2008). The hourly wages of the employees are very high and the organization spent hefty amount of time on advertising and training of the employees.

It is essential in this organization that every barista that is included in the organization should take basic coffee courses in order to treat the customers. Therefore, the brand of Starbucks incorporates all these aspects which include people, organization, supply chain and the processes. The core objective of this brand is to build loyalty in the customers in such a way that they can be retained on a long term basis and their positive attitude towards a brand should reflect the well being of Starbucks. This organization have focused a lot on delivering top notch service to their customers and the core aim of this organization is that the customers are satisfied and they have developed new and modernized ways of fixing the customer wait time and this strategy has also increased the customer loyalty and customers believe they are catered well so in response to that they usually depict a loyal attitude towards this organization.

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