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  • Cotton Bean and Tea Leaf: This is another progressing brand in the coffee market and this organization is focusing on the niche markets. The brand is pursuing a proactive strategy and this proactive behavior of cotton bean and tea leaf is hurting the brand of Starbucks. They have a selected customer base and the customers of this brand are very loyal to the company. Once they have a cotton bean and tea leaf experience most of them are willing to leave their previous coffee brands (Starbuck, 2006). Although their market share is not that good but this organization is expanding and they are giving a tough time to Starbucks.

  • Peet’s Coffee and Tea: The organization focuses on its niche market and it focuses on the upper scale target market. This company is slowly and gradually targeting other markets as well. This company is focusing specially on the market of java connoisseurs. The original inspiration of Peet’s was to beat their rivals Starbucks and that is the reason why the founders of Starbucks knew Alfred Peet personally. During the first year of their business Peet was one of the major distributors of coffee beans (Starbuck, 2006). Peet initiated its own organization and they sold their business but continued their coffee business.
  • Caribou Coffee: The core principle of this organization is to sell a lifestyle that is based and characterized by adventure. This company is considered as the second largest coffee company of the United States. Caribou coffee is the closest competitor of Starbucks and they are implementing different strategies to beat their competitors. This organization specializes in gourmet coffee, bakery goods and tea oriented products and the organization possess 415 company in 16 different states and they are expanding globally and they have opened more than 80 franchise locations in different countries (Starbuck, 2006).

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