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This aspect of motivational methodology focuses on the training facilities which are provided to teachers along with the communication networks which exist amongst the teachers. In terms of the training facilities, it is quite imperative that the teachers development is concentrated on and that can only be done once the schools realize the importance of training. Training results in improving the skills and capacity building which can improve the performance and motivate the workforce as their need of being recognized as essential part of the organization is fulfilled.

Communication networks go a long way in ensuring motivation as the more well-connected is the workforce, the greater the level of trust and commitment towards the goals as the entire workforce operates as a team in this case. Hence, for teachers it is quite essential that this aspect be catered to especially in the case of the primary school teachers in the UK as through communication important ideas and beliefs can be exchanged.

In the U.K. the cultural settings are conducive to a more formal environment and hence, it is more essential that the communication networks be strengthened and external support be provided.

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