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Since McDonalds is a global brand that is the reason why their positioning strategy is based on a global basis. The entire positioning strategy of this brand is based on fun and ecstasy. In the similar manner emphasis is laid on the taste of the brand. This organization is quite famous for its strategy that every product is positioned separately in the minds of the consumer. In the similar manner a Mascot was developed with a Ronald to position the image of happiness in the minds of the consumer. McDonalds emphasizes a lot on their marketing and positioning strategy and their brand positioning is also based on events and sponsorship of certain sports. This brand invested a lot in charitable programs and presented their soft image towards their customers.

The customers on the other hand are attracted by this positioning strategy and they are retained through this strategy in both the short and the long run (Kotler & keller, 2008). McDonalds have sponsored certain international events which also included the World Cup of football and the Champions League. They have also engaged in CSR activities and organized certain safety weeks for the children. Therefore, it can be said that McDonalds is not just selling burgers and fries to its customers but they are actually selling fast food that taste the same no matter where the organization is located and from where it is ordered. The environment of this organization is clean and friendly to the families (Mullins & Walker, 2009). This is core positioning strategy of this organization that they are similar in taste, ambience, etc wherever it is operated.


The pricing strategy of an organization is considered to be an important part of the marketing mix and the core functions of an organization rely on the pricing strategy. The pricing strategy of McDonalds varies from one country to another country and this pricing policy is dependent upon the economic conditions and the target market of that country. However, there are certain polices that are generally used by McDonalds. These policies are discussed below:

Product line Pricing: The pricing policy of McDonalds is quite unique as compared to other players in the market and it is dependent on the product lines. The value meal of this organization actually falls in the category of Product line pricing (Winer, 2006). This pricing policy revolves around the scenario that the pricing actually reflect and revolves around the benefits and parts of the range. The element of supersizing a certain meal and getting additional benefit can be related to this scenario. However, the value meals and super sizing through the value meals is the best example of this pricing policy.

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