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Ecology is basically known as bionomics and it is the relationship between the organism and their environments.  The term ecological change is referred to the fact that how the environments change with respect to humans and what effects they pose on the humans. The entire process of ecological change is related to the fact that how environments change and what humans can do to adapt these changes. In terms of business administration and management, this term is closely related to the fact that how the business environments experience an environmental change like a change of technology, promotional practices, advertising mediums and etc. The difficult part is that how employees of an organization respond to these changes. Employees that respond the change in a positive manner are the ones that succeed in both the short and the long run and their organizations also experience growth. However, an environmental change does not occur drastically and in organizations these changes are of utmost importance because those who respond to these changes become successful and those who lag behind suffer a lot.

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