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Procedural memory, as evident from its subject, is regarded to be a memory’s task within procedures that are practiced by individuals. There could be a number of examples that could be taken from the average processes that individuals conduct in daily routine. For example cutting vegetables for cooking is an example of procedural memory. In a simpler context, procedural memory could be understood as habits and day to day routine abilities of people that are practiced without being conscious about it or providing attention to what is being done (Bolle, Cermak, & Grafman, 2000).


Ageing is defined as a slower rate of cognitive processing and changes that occur in species overtime. Ageing takes place in animals as well as humans. In particular, human ageing is refers to the changes in physical, psychological and social aspects. The most common identification of ageing process is slower actions where as knowledge and wisdom expands. The continuous expand in the process of ageing pushes an individual towards the memory loss. Some of the memory experts believe and argue that ageing process has nothing to do with the memory loss but in many cases memory loss takes place. Loss of memory is basically loss of motivation to keep a continuous track of usual active routines (Rybash, 2000).

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