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The core problem that the organization is facing is related to their strategic operations that they are using an unethical practice that stops competitors from entering the IT arena. If this strategy is prolonged than the brand can be damaged. That is the reason why practical measures should be taken and theoretical measures must not be taken by the organization and they should implement the action plans for the betterment of their organization and in this way the organization can benefit in both the short and the long run.

Different implementation plans must be revised by the organization and the organization must engage its senior executives in different trainings and motivational programs. These sessions would divert their attitude towards work and they would work hard for the benefit of the company. The aftermaths of these policies should also be conveyed to the employees and the senior management including the major shareholders should change their policies about these issues.


Different recommendations can be taken by the senior executives and the management of the organization to solve this issue. These recommendations are given below:

  • Employees should convince the senior management through different persuasive channels that these practices are not good for the organization and the aftermaths of these policies are quite disastrous.
  • The organization should opt for a change management strategy and they must hire a change agent to change the mindsets of the employees and the senior management.
  • The organization must focus on their core business and they must understand the fact that a brand is a single identity in the minds of the consumers in this way they would not enter diversify unnecessary.
  • They organization policies must be aligned with their mission and vision and both these phenomena must not incorporate such issues.
  • The organization must devise such policies that they must comply with the rules of the government and they should take serious action if any mishap occurs in this situation.

These recommendations must be applied by the organization and in this way they can remove the fines that are imposed by governments.

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