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The concerns that are attached with the concept of globalization are also considered as two major concerns. These major concerns are described as an element of concern and fear for the organization and the country that’s implementing it. The first concern is that due to globalization iniquitous distribution of income takes place. However, the second major concern is that globalization leads to loss of national sovereignty and countries are having difficulties in strategically managing the policies independently.

The first argument is based n the premise that globalization focuses on efficiency and certain gains that are related to natural and human resources. Modernized nations have initiated the policies of globalization and the technological base of these countries and their organization is quite wide spread and it is highly sophisticated. Greater gains are strategically managed and attained by industrially advanced countries and that is the reason why different issues arise in the phenomenon of developing countries and their stance on the current globalization scenario. The element of international trade is no longer related and determined by the natural resources. The role of human resources is increasing and with the advent of information technology this role is gaining success (Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson). The organizations and different countries are stressing more on becoming knowledge intensive enterprises rather than resource intensive. The balance is not present in the world and we have to segments which are termed as developing and developed countries.  A globalized economy can lead to productivity and faster growth if it specializes in a certain area. Same goes with different corporate organization that is if organization in certain aspect and they focus on that then it more likely that they achieve success in both their short and the long run (Aharoni and Nachum).

Another issue that is raised because of globalization is that it results in income gaps and both developed and developing countries are affected by this. Globalization possesses the ability to help within a country if the principles of globalization are implemented properly. Another concern is related with the loss of autonomy and this would happen in the pursuit of economic policies. The economy of today’s world is highly integrated and every country and organization has to comply with the global policies of business and trade. However, another important issue that is associated with globalization is that this process of globalization is quite volatile and it’s insecure. In the search of for integration the element of global integration must be implemented properly (Han).

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