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Screen content policy must settle some priorities because in this way a great deal of better results could be yielded. Here are some of the pointers that must be regarded as the priorities of Australian Screen Content Policy:

  • First and foremost as a state is involved in warfare or statecraft in terms of achieving national interest, similarly, Australian Screen Content Policy must provide a barrier-free way for mass audience for the display of Australian image all around the world.
  • The screen contents of Australian media must be completely based upon achieving the interest of achieving better standard throughout the world.
  • Participation must be open from common class to elites of the society so that there could be no compulsion and turmoil between members of the society.
  • The relationship of member of Australian society must be highlighted in screen content as an eminent function of Australian media.
  • In no way Australian media screen contents must initiate divergent paths of screen contents such as dividing cultural notions into majors e.g. arts, science, sports etc.

Mean Theatre is focused to be a part of Australian media screen contents and encourage the media policy to have a particular network of elements. Australian media screen contents could set these priorities in order to gain a better strategy to make sure the media is successful in displaying positive image of Australian culture and community (Donovan & Lorraine, 2002).

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