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Question 1- What is the size of the population that can afford to purchase this product?

Question2- Will the segments be reached through television advertisements?

Question 3- Are we targeting the same segment that we’ve chosen for our already successful mega-whopper burger?

Question 4- Or are we segmenting on a completely different basis?

Question 5- Can we successfully promote our product to the particular segment?

4. You are product manager of a financial services product that is being sold directly to consumers over the Internet. The most important measure to the company is customer acquisition cost – the cost associated with convincing a consumer to buy the service. You have been conducting tests with both a concentrated and undifferentiated segmentation strategy, and the results are presented here. Which strategy is the best? Why?

An undifferentiated segmentation strategy is best because the cost is already low since the customer is reached through the internet. The internet allows company’s to do a lot for a lot less and you can reach out to a large amount of people therefore having less costs and more customers.

5.            Microsoft’s Window XP Professional is a product. A service provides the company to make a direct face to face contact with a customer. The level of satisfaction can be predicted right away in providing a service. On the other hand, a product must be taken home and thoroughly used to find out if it fulfills all the needs and wants of a customer and whether the customer was delighted. When someone buys a laptop that has Windows XP Professional installed on it they can judge it after they have used it for a while and figure out whether it was fully satisfying or not.

Core benefit- Like the Microsoft XP homepage tagline, the customer purchases the freedom to do what he/she wants at the office or at home.

Actual Product- the box that the software comes in and the cd

Augmented product- a warrantee and free repair service incase of virus damage, customer service for dealing with any difficulties encountered with the product

6. a laptop- shopping

a surgeon- specialty

automobile tires- convenience

7.            Line extensions- two-seater snowboard; large, small, or medium snowboard

Brand extensions- from Johny’s snowboards to Johny’s golf clubs or Johny’s basketball gear

Multibrands- Sonia’s snowboards for women

New brands- Tommy’s luxury snow goods

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