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If we compare the present status of a woman with the women of the ancient Greek as notified by the author Sarah then it would bring a clear distinction between the two eras. The education and nurturing of women was different and in no way better than the men. Women were never given proper guidance and education. They were taught at home by the slaves or usually by their mothers who always pretended to be the teacher. In comparison with the women, men were given better chances and opportunities to gain expertise and shine their abilities (Pomeroy, 1995, p. 190).

The author further elaborates that the rights of giving divorce was only given to the husband. Women had no share in taking verdicts regarding divorce. A widow was not permitted to do second marriage but if she had the tendency to give child birth then she had to marry to other old man. In ancient Greek, fathers had the complete right to end the marriage before the pregnancy of a woman. Before pregnancy, the father had the right to brake up the marriage so that his daughter can marry to another man (Pomeroy, 1995, p. 192).

Women’s role in ancient Greek was limited even inside the home premises. Child delivery was done at home by the old lady who was considered as the experienced. If the father of the child had disapproved the child and decided to kill him then no one had the right to say anything against his decision. Abnormal children or baby girls were never accepted at homes. Abnormal children or baby girls were considered as the burden at home and therefore they were rejected by the men of the home. Rejected children were not killed directly but they were put in jars or left deserted on the doorstep or on the road. The birth of a son was acceptable and celebrated with pride. Acceptable children were offered to God and Goddesses and nurtured with care as per the instructions of the husband (Pomeroy, 1995).

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