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Fruit juice is a favorite for most American households. This is not a wonder given that nutritional experts believe that it is wise to take at least a glass of fruit juice in the morning so as to rehydrate the body. It is also notable that just eight ounces of fruit juice, especially orange, provides the body with enough folic acid, thiamin (vitamin A), ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), potassium, niacin and Vitamin A and B6 (Florida Department of Citrus, 1).

With fortification, the juice can also provide calcium. Fortification is the process of adding to a food product a nutrient that is not naturally found in the food. However, the cost of fruit juices at the stores has gone up and the cheaper ones are less tasty. Furthermore, individuals are paying much attention to health issues and therefore prefer less processed foods or foods in their natural state with no chemicals, additives, preservatives or colorings. Making fresh fruit juice at home is an easier and healthy way. It is also easy and much fun as explained in the following paragraphs.

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