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I.            Romans:

In the pre-capitalist era, the most notable society was that of Romans, a society which was regarded as the hierarchical society. Romans classified the social groupings with respect to ancestry and property. In this society the elites were known as the Patricians who were divided on the basis of the property they possessed and belonged to most recognized ancestors. The benefits enjoyed by the patricians included the open doors to all the public offices which were not for the lower classes (Rostovtzeff). The slaves and women were known as the Plebeians that were the lower classes of the Roman society. However the slaves could have achieved a better status in the society due to the capability of making a difference through force.

In Roman society the social class of noble families dominated the Plebeians and for this reason many times social revolution had been experienced by the slaves. Slaves were not allowed to marry and had no rights of their own. This scenario contributes in the international politics as the slaves and labors in the later centuries learned many lessons from the Roman Empire.

II.            Aztec:

Aztec society is divided into classes including all the major and minor actors of the society. In the Aztec Society first comes the class of noble people whose offspring had the admittance to better way of living. The second social class holds the peasants, warriors and traders. This society was further classified in the classes of slaves and merchants (León-Portilla). The domination of the social classes was relatively less than the Romans in this society and did not contributed in the international politics.

III.            Chinese:

Chinese society was divided into four classes with respect to their contribution to the society. The first class was elites who were scholars and officials who had the authorities to select who to be selected for the state service and to what extent they can benefit from the society. The second class included farmers who worked in the agriculture industry. The third class of the Chinese society was artisans who worked hard and produced crafted materials but they were not considered more important than the farmers on the basis of being less advantageous to the Chinese society. Last class of the Chinese society was of merchants who persuaded people to buy goods in the market. The class of merchants always tried to get the same level as scholars by buying considerable amount of land for the purpose but Chinese model remained the same and later this model was appointed by many other societies of the world.

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