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Summary of Session I

Date of Session: May 12

Time of Session: 5 PM

Location: The Desai residence

Lakshmi and Rahul Desai are first timers at couple therapy. The idea was suggested to them by a friend of Lakshmi’s. They have been married 6 months and Lakshmi feels trapped by her bond to Rahul. Lakshmi feels that the only thing they share anymore is their Indian background. Laskhmi feels that Rahul is too in touch with his cultural side and insists that Lakshmi shouldn’t work after having their child. Lakshmi is currently in her 8th month which means that she was pregnant before the couple got married.

Lakshmi is currently on a 6 month long hiatus from her job. She took the first one month off because the couple headed to their honeymoon. Rahul convinced her to take time off from work till her pregnancy because Lakshmi is anemic. At first Lakshmi thought he was being a caring husband because he didn’t want her wife to work through what is already a hormonally misbalanced time period. When they were back from the honeymoon Lakshmi was in her fourth month and felt that her husband’s advice was good and that she should take her of herself and their baby. Thirty five days away from delivery, Lakshmi and Rahul had a fight leading them to seek couple’s therapy. Rahul suggested the Lakshmi should take at least 3 more months off after having the baby when Lakshmi brought up the idea of going back to work. A few days later Lakshmi proposed the idea of going back to work after 3 to 6 months of the baby’s birth hoping that Rahul would be excited about the idea. Unfortunate for Lakshmi, Rahul insisted that she should wait till the baby had grown up and at least got big enough to go to school. At this part of the story, the couple broke out into a fight in front of me. Rahul quoted his mother’s example of how he was so thankful he had a fulltime mom and that it was necessary for the proper well being of a child.

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