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Postgraduate degree in engineering and MBA degree would help me in performing varied categories of social responsibilities such as economical, ethical, legal and discretionary responsibilities. I believe that by becoming a responsible citizen of the society I would become a better person who takes interest in the issues prevailing in our society and affecting those who are either not privileged or are facing adversities of life.

By taking an active role in addressing the social issues I believe that I could serve the real purpose of life which is in my view having a collective approach rather focusing on personal self-interested beliefs. As being an international student, I have the tendency to introduce similar concepts of social responsibility in my country when I go back. In this way I will surely be able to bridge between cultural gaps which exist in our society and in some way or another remove the social barriers which plague our existence as human beings.

Integration of social responsibility in MBA programs and recent duplicities by executives and management of corporate sector there is an increasing pressure on individuals seeking to join organizations at managerial to take on the challenges of corporate social responsibility. This requires individuals to become accountable for their act and decisions which affect stakeholders of any organization. Therefore, my perspective regarding social responsibility is that the decision makers, managers, engineers, negotiators etc. should act with equity, fairness and impartiality to serve the organizational goal. By achieving goal to acquire MBA degree, I would be able to horn my managerial and ethical skills to function with productivity in an organization and society as well.

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