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1.1 Background:

Students with behavioral problems are at risk for multiple problems in scholastic, societal, and daily functioning. These students are more likely to drop out; be suspended; expelled or placed in alternate schools before completing their education than the students without such problematic behavior. The students with behavioral problems have a high probability of being arrested, to commit crimes against individuals or the community; to have difficult relationships with their parents and siblings (Crone & Horner, 2003).

There are number of mental disorders which can be diagnosed in these kids are depression, anxiety, hallucination, Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder, etc. These mental disorders are the result of certain factors by which they are affected such as separation of parents or divorced parents, migration or relocation, sexual harassment, etc.

For the betterment of these kids, a system of behavioral support has been established. This system is known as the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system. This system is one of the most powerful tools which can distinguish the wide set of relevant variables that can affect a person’s behavior (Stormont, Lewis, Johnson, & Beckner, 2007, p.3).

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