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The internet age has brought many advantages for people. Sadly, it has also brought forth many forms of crime, the most prominent and threatening being internet pornography. Pornographic material shows nude and sexually explicit images that are entirely disgusting and are a moral parasite. Research also reveals that pornography may be addictive.

A team of experts on the subjects claimed in front of Senate committee that pornography is highly addictive and a curse on society that needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. According to an expert at the hearing, pornography is a much more serious and threatening addiction than cocaine (Singel, 2004). It is a more serious addiction than cocaine because the users of the deadly drug can eventually enter rehabilitation and erase the effects and addiction from their blood stream and eliminate the addiction; but the images viewed by porn addicts are imprinted on their minds and stay perpetually.

Another reason why pornography is more addictive than drugs such as cocaine is that it causes masturbation. Masturbation releases a substance from the body called “opioids,” which are similar in effect to pain relievers such as morphine and in effect makes them more addictive than cocaine and other drugs as they occur naturally (Singel, 2004).

This is proof in itself that pornography is addictive and needs to be stopped before it pollutes the forthcoming generations.

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