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Fans are usually considered to be more loyal to the brand in the short however the loyalty of the fans can vary in the long run. In the similar manner early adopters are normal consumers and thy first test a certain product and in most of the scenarios they are usually attracted by a new product. The main difference between a hardcore fan and an early adopter is that fans usually innovators in their buying decisions while the early adopters are normal consumers that are attracted by a new brand. The early adopters are the ones that can be the organization’s first fan or the first critic. In the similar manner it is actually the early adopter who opens the eyes an entrepreneur that he/she should implement a positive approach.

It actually means a lot to be an early adopter because they actually drive the unforeseen directions of an organization. Once they have adopted a certain brand they can be very dedicated to it but it all depends upon the fact that how well the brand would focus and cater the needs of these early adopters. Dedication and loyalty of the brand id said to be maximized when an early adopter buys a certain brand and after a certain period of time he/she would recommend it to other or he/she would buy it again. This process would be considered as a positive element for an organization and the customer would be labeled as a loyal customer[1]. Once they have start liking a certain brand then it all depends on their personal preferences that how much money they can afford for that brand. Usually hard core fans of technology oriented products spend thousands of dollars in these brand just because of the fact that that brand is different from other available products in the market and its idea is quite novel. However, early adopters are ready to spend huge amounts of money in the initial phase of a certain brand but once they are not satisfied with it then they would stop investing in that brand.

[1] L. Kanuk, L. Schiffman, 2006.

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