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There are many different species and varieties of fruit, each with its unique taste, aroma and texture. Even within the same variety of fruit, no two fruits are exactly the same. In the same way, poems have different texture of sound characterized by the use of assonance or alliteration or consonance or euphony and may differ in the use a specific metre or in the matter of rhyming. Each poem imparts a different taste, a different thought, idea or emotion. Like fruit the outside of a poem may be known and familiar but their insides always hold the element of surprise.

Doctors have known for centuries that fruit is good for you. Fruits contain nutrients that are essential for our bodies and are rich in fiber which helps us rid out bodies of toxic wastes. Poems are good for us too, they are food for the soul and they help us get express our anger our disappointments and our fear leaving us feeling much better emotionally.

Some poems are low-hanging fruit; you can grasp the intent and meaning behind the poem immediately upon hearing it, other poems are harder to grasp, their meanings obscure, the image the poet wishes to convey veiled or unclear. There is always a great satisfaction in finding out the meaning of those poems, it’s like you have climbed a tall tree and just picked the last fruit of the season.

What is a fruit’s importance to a tree? They’re vehicles for the dissemination of seeds, seeds enable plant species to perpetuate their existence. In the same way poems disperse seeds too, the seeds poems disperse are seeds of ideas. Poems plant the ideas of one person into the fertile soil of the mind of another person. Poems perpetuate the existence of thoughts and philosophies.

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