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Teenagers and young adults spend more time in playing games and this is an effective sign for organization that were planning to market their brands through games. Strategists and analysts suggest that the concentration level of children is more when they are playing games. Therefore, the clothing brand can utilize their brand name and even their clothes through the famous characters of the games. In the similar manner they can even use billboards and walls that are used in the games (Pricken 2008). This medium is also inexpensive and in the scenario of clothing industry this medium can be used effectively and efficiently by different organizations that have planned to target the teenagers and the young adults.

Creative advertising

Creative advertising is carried out through new and innovative mediums of marketing and advertising.  This would include transit advertising and advertising on bridges. The target market is influenced a lot by new and innovative modes of advertising and they usually respond in a proactive manner towards these strategies.

Step: 4

Collecting Feedback

Collecting feedback from the customers is an important process for organizations who are evaluating a proper marketing program (Batey 2008). That is the reason why through surveys, questionnaires and direct interviews with the customers the organizations can attain positive or negative feedback from the customers and this feedback would help these organizations in the entire decision making process.

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