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Mr President, the physiological psychological responses to space and aging are considered by issues of mechanotransduction that occur in space, also, the weighting of the body by Earth’s gravity is completely missing in space, a situation which leads to deconditioning from gravity deficit.

On Earth, related transformation result in reconditioning from gravity removal, an inactive lifestyle in the existence of gravity, both situation results in changes that are associated with untimely aging. In space, mechanical weight, automatic forces and their connection to cellular events greatly influence the aging of connective tissue or its loss. In both cases, there is a reduced instruction of mechano-transduction to mechano-chemical transmission. Right from birth, automatic forces that are provided mostly by gravity are critical to common development and development of the extra cellular prevailing conditions that are present in connective tissue. As body mass and its weight the major task of the gravity man lives in increases, musculoskeletal tissues and several other extra cellular medium acclimatize their size to meet growing automatic demands. As time goes on, condensed use of gravity throughout reduced movement and increase in velocity, or living in space in compact gravity, result in related transformation in body work, metabolism and injury to musculoskeletal, connective tissue and cardiovascular.

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