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The lyrics and the musical work of Michael Jackson express his beliefs. Michael Jackson believes that world is going through numerous changes and problems but if we stand together because it’s human who is creating such issues which are disastrous to the world. Further his music speaks for his idea of good deeds make gigantic differences. Michael Jackson was the one who reduced the heat of the Black and White in America. He promoted the equality among people. Michael Jackson is extremely a talented artist who has self-less love for the humans and animals. Controversies were spread about Michael that he molested a child who attracted the whole media towards Michael Jackson and put a black mark on his musical career.

On the other hand Prince, at first, the lyrics of his songs full of sexuality explicit and then the controversial era in his music. Later on he took a 180 degrees angle change by turning into Jehovah’s Witnesses. Prince was raised as the Seventh – day Adventist and therefore it was not a big surprise for the people who knew prince. Prince always has a spiritual bent and that is why he didn’t score out much on the stage and in his musical career. Prince beliefs as the Jehovah’s Witnesses were more into the study and understanding of bible rather than focusing back to the stage performances.

On the basis of the of the character traits and personality beliefs and, it can be concluded that both musicians have a grade difference in music as well as the moral they express and launch through their diverse nature and attitudes. They differ from each other in each field mentioned above. Many think tanks believe that both of the musicians are contrary to each other projects different feels and attributes. Their approach to their audience set different scores of popularity.

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