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My traits should help me set specific goals, reach deadlines, and logically analyze my opportunities and threats. However, according to the test results I might face a few challenges as well. My technical and well thought out work ethic might come off as a bit mechanical and I might loose future opportunities because I am very focused on the future. I need to keep these things in mind and seek help via friends and family. (Hammer, 2008, p.4) Personally I believe that I can overcome these problems by applying my analytical skills to myself as well as my work. I believe that if people continuously analyze themselves they can evaluate whether their actions are helping thing or keeping them from achieving success in the future.

I have always known that I am an introvert but I never realized that so many challenges came along with being a particular personality type. I understand now that being mechanic and introverted at all times may propose challenges. Henceforth I should look into a career that appreciates my characteristics and doesn’t want to change them. Although finding a career path that matches my personality is the best way to go about things I also realize that in order to face different challenges in life I will have to be better rounded. I might not meet people or deal with people who are exactly like me so I will have to teach my self to mold myself according to the situation and come out of me shell a little. Although the purpose of the Meyers-Briggs test is to reveal personality traits for a specific career path I have realized how to better mold my self according to the situation other than work related aspects in life.


I scored a Gold 20, Green 13, Blue12 and Orange 5. The description for Gold stated that this person “values order and cherishes the traditions of home, family and country above all.” This assessment is absolutely true and one of the reasons the Eureka test was quite helpful. Another aspect of my personality it depicted accurately was that I am extremely loyal. The statement was, “They sometimes provide for and support the structure of society. Steadfastness and loyalty are their trademarks.” I tend to be the support system for everyone around me and sometimes to my loss. “Generous and parental by nature, Gold’s show they care by making everyone do the right thing, and by making themselves and others take responsibility for their actions.”  Although I have always known of my motherly nature it was never spelled out this for me. When I looked at the results and visualized the bigger picture I realized that that always ‘dong the right thing’ can sometimes cause many complications because I end up doing right by other but not myself. Although honesty and loyalty are good characteristics, I need to look out for myself as well.  This is described as “shoulds” in our text, and this has not been always a good thing for me. Before reading the text I was unaware of the notion that being ‘good’ always is not necessarily good. Life is like a ship that sailing in water. For it to have a smooth ride and prevent itself from sinking it must carry a little water inside it. If the ship has no water at all, it will not float. If the ship has too much water, it will sink. The same goes for life, too much good or too much bad can be harmful. A person has to live a balanced life.

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