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The personalities of brands are developed to attain a competitive edge in both the short and the long run and that is the reason why different organization and especially food chains have developed their brand personalities. The brand personality depicts the human characteristics that are attributed to a brand. The personality of McDonalds has always been related to fun and charisma (Austin). The consumers that are acquiring this brand depicts that McDonalds is a happening place and it is closely related to fun and excitement.

The big ‘M’ which is yellow is colour is related to cheese and potatoes. Besides that the character of Ronald is linked with the brand which depicts a youthful, spirited and fun oriented environment. This linkage in the personality gives added benefit to the brand and the image of the brand and the brand experiences growth in both the short and the long run.

The behaviour of the consumers that are associated with this brand is wide and varied and this behaviour directly affects the well being of the brand. The consumer depicts behaviour that McDonalds is a taste oriented brand which is appropriate in different aspects like taste, service and price. However, people that don’t go to McDonalds are more concerned about their health or in certain aspects they are tight on their money. However, the perception of kids about McDonalds is quite different and they love this restaurant and their offerings. The happy meal and the goodies in the meal are quite appealing to the kids and in this way kids are targeted by this approach. Consumer behaviour towards McDonalds varies with culture and it is a brand that is labelled as a junk food restaurant which can be consumed by everyone.

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