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The organization in its initial phase can opt for personal selling and they would direct their sales persons for door to door selling. This door to door selling can be divided into personal selling on physically in which the salesmen can carry a laptop and then he/she can introduce the company and its simple nature of operations (Allen). The salesmen can offer the potential customer to buy a product and he/she can avail different discounts. Similarly, organizations can opt for cold calling and the telemarketing officer can offer different services on the telephone. Therefore, it can be easily said that personal selling is quite an appropriate approach because quick results can be attained through personal selling and it can be beneficial for the company in both the short and the long run.

5.2.4 Sponsorship Programs

The brand can also engage in sponsorship programs and through different co branding activities they can manage sponsorships. They can raise charities through sponsorship programs and these sponsorship programs will run on their website. Certain successful brands can form sponsorships programs with blue ribbon groceries and blue ribbon groceries would market their brand and they would recommend the name of blue ribbon groceries to their customers.

5.2.5 Data Base Programs

The website must be developed in such a way that proper data base of customers is maintained and in this way they can target their customers in an efficient manner. The databases of customer, suppliers, retailers are maintained and this manner they can use these databases in their promotional and marketing operations. Direct Marketing

These databases can be used by blue ribbon grocery to market their online grocery directly. The most viable approach in this scenario would be of newsletters and voice mail marketing. Emails can be a good strategy but through telemarketing and marketing through voice mails effective results can be attained quickly. Permission Marketing

This can be a good strategy and customers would like this approach because the organization inquires permission from the prospects customers. This strategy would develop the brand and the customers would definitely like this approach of marketing.

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