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In the yearly days of its creation Starbucks was experiencing a growing stage and in the early times they were implementing new and innovative strategies. These strategies were benefitting the organization in both the short and the long run. The CEO of the company was implementing new and innovative ideas for the benefit of the organization. Schultz’s biggest idea for its organization came in the year 1983 when he was on a corporate trip to Milan. During his trip he actually spotted an espresso bar and went inside to look at the espresso bar. The individual from the counter smiled and greeted him and he served different customers in the same way. The performance of that individual motivated Schultz’s to initiate a similar culture in Starbucks. The vibrant attitude of Italian coffee bars attracted Schultz and the ambiance of these bars which was filled with music and vibrant attitude attracted Schultz. He then tried to initiate a similar culture in the United States coffee bars.

Starbucks developed a forward looking approach and through leaps and bounds they succeed in their coffee business. Starbucks implemented change oriented policies and proper managerial approach was initiated by the organization. This approach motivated the workers and Starbucks through proper planning and vibrant approach becomes the largest coffee producer and retailer of the United States. Their financial figures easily depicted that how good were their performance. The financial performance of the organization says it all. Starbucks was experiencing slow growth in 2004 but after that this organization expanded and their net income increased quite rapidly. The figure of the previous five years says it all, these figures are stated below…..

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