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Microsoft Corporation is an organization that is based in United States and it is headquartered in Washington. Microsoft is considered to be the software giants and it is considered as one of the most profitable companies of the world. The products of Microsoft are quite famous and they are focusing on the mass marketing strategy and their customer base is expanding every year because their products are quite customized and targeted towards the customers.

The company has developed different operating systems for personal computers and these operating systems are based on graphical user interface Windows 95, Windows 97, 2000 and etc. The operating system in 95 was a new operating system at that time and at that time the company initiated its web browser which was known as internet explorer. These operating systems were liked by the customers and there were very few competitors at that time (Wallace & Erickson, 1993). After that Microsoft focused on business oriented applications and they never looked back. They began to develop newer applications and these applications extended their growth. Microsoft office, msn messenger, anti viruses and similar applications were developed by the organization. All these software’s and products extended the market share of the organization and Microsoft was experiencing a boom at that stage (Wallace & Erickson, 1993). The 1990’s was considered as the glorious years of Microsoft in which they were the only major producer of software applications in the world. Bill gates were the brain child of most of the applications and a time came when the owner of Microsoft “Bill gates” was crowned as the richest man of the world.

The era of 2000 was also considered as a favorable era for the organization and different features were embedded in the older versions of different applications because of which customers were attracted to buy more and more products. Different approaches were used by the organization and they were facing competition by certain competitors. Windows Vista was released at that time and Microsoft sold more than 140 million copies of that operating systems. The organization produced a record profit for the year 2007 because applications like Office 2007 were selling like hot cakes. Microsoft’s also opted for an acquisition strategy but it did not worked for them and they were trying to buy Yahoo which was rejected by Yahoo incorporation (Lowe, 2001).

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