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According to Stephanie Ruh, who is Vice-President of Patient Care Services at San Pedro Peninsula Hospital/Bay Harbor Hospital, ‘The medication error problem flowed rather nicely into a performance improvement project for my organization a few years ago’. (Stelzer, Irwin M. (2008)

They put together a team that included the manager of the pharmacy, a staff pharmacist, the nursing management group, staff RNs, the performance improvement manager, the risk manager, and the staff educator. They collected all the information related to medication errors at the facility, collected current literature on medication errors, developed possible reporting formats based on other models in the community, and tapped into resources among peer groups who may have tackled the same situation. By the end of this project they will be able to prepare

* A reporting model with a point system based on severity of error

* An educational tool to help people understand medication errors, reporting, and plans of correction.

Later on they must continue to monitor this issue for performance improvement.

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